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Fresh Quality Agro Coco Coir Peat Products In India.

Precisely Tailored Grow Bags

Specifically designed for various plant cultivation.

High Quality Open Top Bags

Inside Black, Outside White combination & Full black also available.

Coco Pith & Husk Various Application

Products 5 Kg Blocks, Cubes, Bricks, Growers.

Boost Your Valuable Growth With Kenaf's Coco Peat

About Kenaf Coir?
Boost your agri production

We Kenaf Coir have established ourselves as a most prominent and reliable organization involved in Manufacturing, Supplying and Exporting a broad assortment of Coco Products Like Grow Bags, Open top Bags, Cubes, Blocks, Bricks, we have all grades of coir products in all maturities, we have well Equipped Infrastructure Fully Advance Customized machineries and our Team Members are having 10+ years of experience in this field.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to grow our own food with Place Effectiveness & to make Eco Friendly Environment with Customer Satisfaction & Happiness to enhance major sustenance on earth!

Our Mission

Our mission is Being a Prominent Manufacturer and be a Best Global Network Transforming in Coco Products to secure a sustainable future for Coir Products &Providing Ecofriendly Products Globally

Our Products

High-Quality, Natural Rooting and Growing Coco Products for Professional Horticulture
and Other Agriculture Cultivation to making Green Eco Friendly Environment

We are providing high quality range of Kenaf coco grow bags specifically designed...

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We Are Manufacturing & Supplying Different Types of Open Top Bags (Inside Black ...

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We are having high quality Radix 5 Kg Block with Expansion Ratio of 65 to 70 liters with ...

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We are manufacturing and supplying Fibredust coco peat Coir Cube of High Quality...

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Coco Coir & Coco Peat products provide solutions for all professional growing medium like
Vegetable, Fruits, Flowers, Mushroom, and Plants for different Crops & Growths much more to worldwide.


Vegetables like carrot, cucumber, pumpkin, radish, etc…, are produced as ecofriendly due to the optimal air - water ratio maintenance & moisture retaining properties of our grow bags & coir blocks Net yield get increased along with low fertilizer usage


Soft fruits like the berries varieties are prepared organic because of our easier maintenance of pH value We are all know soft fruits are much sensitive to the changing environment & they require an acidic rich soil for its growth Such problems are eradicated using Our grow bags


Fungiculture – Artificial mushroom culture is practiced worldwide but this culture medium is fully made of pesticides, insecticides & fertilizers Hence by knowingly we are consuming chemicals This major impact get eradicated to our ecofriendly growing medium of grow bags & coir blocks

  • Kenaf Grow Bags
  • Kenaf Grow Bags
  • Kenaf Grow Bags
  • Kenaf Grow Bags
  • Open Top Bags
  • Open Top Bags
  • Open Top Bags
  • Kenaf 5KG Blocks
  • Kenaf 5KG Blocks
  • Kenaf Bricks
  • Kenaf Cubes
  • Kenaf Cubes
News & Events
April, 2020
New Plant Inauguration

We are Very happy to Launching Fully Equipped Automation Plant with Modern Special Purpose Machines at Coimbatore

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April, 2020
We are Launching New Machines

To making Mass Production with high quality product as per different sizes and configuration as per customer Need and Planting Application

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Quality & Reliability

Kenaf Coir provide highest quality products to all our global customers by clearly identifying therir requirements

Skilled Workers

All our employees are highly knowledged and will work hard to deliver quality products in a quick turn around time

Safe Shipment

Our experienced hands in the industry in logistics infrastructure for safe shipment provide between cost, speed and reliability

Unique Products

Custom Parameters

Advance Machineries

Reasonable Price

Timely Delivery

Customer Satisfaction


Our Product & Services speak for itself. Hear it from our awesome customers.

“I had bought the growbags from Kenaf Coir. It was a wonderful experience to see all types of fruit and vegetable varieties grown as expected. Had a great experience and knowledge about coco peat farming from the Kenaf team...”
Shoko Mugikura


Hi, I am Ajitha Banerjee, I am very happy with Open Top Bag. Earlier I enquired with my local manufacturer but the material with which it was made did not satisfy me. But frankly speaking the Open Top Bag i got from you are awesome with their look, made of good material and good finishing too. As discussed in phone call you have kept the promise by delivering the same product. Even the delivery you said within 2 days but i received within a day which made me happier.
Ajitha Banerjee

New Delhi

“A true passion reflects here. Bought their 5KG Blocks for landscaping and an intense feel to convert our facility to nature garden space. Applause to the team”
Herman Miller


Technical Guidance for Coir Product Usage.

As an established company, we use our experience and expertise to aid clients in deciding which products and specifications will best suit their growing needs.

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