Grow Bags

Grow Bags
We Manufacture High Quality Premium Grow bags developed based on Plant Cultivation that are suitable for specific crop management, we make each of our products are specifically Designed to the growers needs and are ready for use, more over our products are Durable with leak proof & UV Stabilized, it can with stand all climate conditions
Benefits of Kenaf Coir Grow Bags

We can make the grow bags in sizes up to 120cm in length with width and height as required. Based on application like Vegetables, Flowers, Fruits & Other plants too. We have Customized Products also available based on customer Requirements& Plant Cultivation

  • Eco-Friendly Durable Product
  • Unique and Flexible to use
  • UV Stabilized
  • Reduction in disease
  • Lesser Space Utilization
  • Helps Better Irrigation
  • Free from weed seeds or pathogens
  • Enhanced Root Growth with more Yield
Grow Bag Varieties

Kenaf Grow Bags are Designed into Different material composition on Complete Coir pith or Complete Husk or combined material or Half or mixed combination, there are major 3 Types of material composition Produced Based On Plant Cultivation and Application.

Kenaf Classic

100% Coir Pith Ideal Application for all growing medium with hi water Retention

Kenaf Mix Optima

Mixed combination of Coco Pith and coco Husk Chips for Specific Plants

Kenaf Premium

2 layer of Grow Bags with upper layer of coir pith and bottom layer of Chips

Customized Solutions for customer needs


Taylor Made

Taylor made Holes – Based on Plant & Drain or Dripper & Punch based on customer needs



Variants of Sizes and material composition also technical properties of Growbags based on Cultivation

Grow Bag Technical Details

Kenaf Coir Grow bag have Produced based on Agriculture Application & Plant Cultivation, we were Customized Products on Measurements and Material Composition much more customer requirements.

Product Details

  • Product Code : Kencor01
  • Usage : Growing Medium for Commercial Farming
  • Application : Hydroponics, Horticulture, Floriculture, Green Houses, Golf Landscaping...
  • Grow Poly Bag : U.V. Treated or LLDPE Material with 400 to 800 Gauge Thickness and 1 to 5 years of Life Span with 2 Color Variants Inner black outer white/Complete Black

Physical Properties

  • Sizes :
    Length Variants.: 80cm,90cm,100cm,120cm,200cm
    Width Variants. :10cm,12cm,15cm,18cm,20cm.
    Height Variants : 7cm to 28 cm…
  • Moisture : < 15% (Max 15%)
  • Sieving : 8 mm to 12 mm
  • Compression Ratio: 5:1
  • Material Properties: 100% FDR (Fine Dust Removed)
    Premium Pith
    Premium Chips
  • Free from Foreign Contamination, Weeds & Seeds
  • Fiber Less Than 2 % & Sand Less Than 2

Chemical Properties

  • PHLevel : 5.5 to 7.0
  • Porosity Level : Air Filled Porosity 10-12%
  • Electric Conductivity (EC) : 1:1.5 Ratio
    o Below 1 Ms/Cm – Low Ec
    o Above 1 To 3.5 Ms/Cm – High Ec
    o As Per Customer Requirement We Can Able to Provide Ec Will Be Maintain

Packaging& Shipping

We are very careful in Packaging to avoid damage and retains its originality, customized packaging also available based on customer needs
o 40 Feet High cube Container (20 to 24 Pallets)
o 20 Feet length High cube container (10 to 12 Pallets)
o Change pallet picture into grow bag pallet picture
(Tailored Ready to plant Kenaf Coir Products Container by offering you the possibility of choosing the delivery in full pallet or in half pallet depending on the client need)

Tomato Coco Coir Growbags
Strawberries Coco Growbags
Capsicum Coco Growbags
Flowers Coco Growbags