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A substrate is a medium in which roots of plants can grow and which enables the plant to stand up.
Kenaf Coir is based at Pollachi, Tamilnadu, India, we have manufacturing unit in same place and we also have own material yard in Pollachi
In order to place an international order, you will need to first contact one of your local freight forwarding services. That way we are able to ship to a US address and they will take care of the rest.
Quality of our product and Our packaging methods mainly Customizing the product based on size and material composition and shape much more…
Sure. As We are having Good network in Procuring Raw Material and we have all facilities to supply our materials regularly to our buyers & we have also separate material yard for storing material to ensure that material always available
We can load our product as per customer’s requirement in Container as Compressed Block in Pallet and stretch wrapped as Palletized (240 Blocks/Pallet, 20 Pallets/40 ft. HQ Container (24 MT&Non-Palletized, Blocks assembled loose (Floor Loading) within the container (5200 Blocks/40 ft. HQ Container (26 MT)
Yes, of course we can send it by courier. Please contact us with your information and requirements (Courier Charges will be customer responsible)
Coco coir grower’s mediums are made of raw material extracted from the coconut husk, the outer fiber rich crust of the coconut fruit grown on coconut palm trees.
CoCo Coir Peat is the 'coir fiber pith' or 'coir dust' produced as a bi-product when coconut husks are processed for the extraction of the long fibers from the husk.
The main input are coco peat / coco fiber / coco chips / missed peat and chips different combinations all extracted from the coconut husk.
• Contains macronutrients — Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium
• Contains micronutrients — Calcium, Copper and magnesium
• Contains natural enzymes
• Excellent water holding capacity
• Improves aeration
• Enhances strong heap root system
• Stimulates production of phytohormones
• Ideal pH level — 5.6 to 6.4
• Eco-Friendly
We manufacture high quality products like Coir Pith, Blocks, Grow bags & open top bags.
We have customized Mixing solutions also we providing different proportions like
• 50% Pith & 50% Husk
• 60% Pith & 40% Husk
• 70% Pith & 30% Husk
• 80% Pith & 20% Husk
We also Combining pith & Husk Taylor Made Percentage
We operate a fully equipped laboratory with fully qualified laboratory staff / technicians to test our samples at different stages of the production. Further random samples are sent to reputed state and private laboratories for verifications. Major test given below.
• Electrical Conductivity
• Wet method
• Dry method
• Moisture content
• Ph (Potential Hydrogen
• Water retention
• Expansion (or) Breakout Volume:
• Fibre content
• Sand content (Impurities)
Our Main product we supplying more quantity for export orders Globally are Growbags & Cubes we have very positive customer reply are there for Plantation vegetables, flowers, soft fruits….
It has a specialized blend of coir pith & buffered crushed husk which has proved itself as an ideal substrate for Roses. It contains high water holding capacity with an excellent level of Air Filled Porosity and fast run off of excess water which also means that the excessive salts get washed off quicker than its counterparts which is essential for high quality blooms. Finer lateral roots develop very quickly and it is known that the overall production is increased by over 20% in the first and second years of cut flower production. What’s more, the substrate lends itself to the commercial lifespan of the plant resulting in an overall saving which equals profit.
Its depends upon the product, size and nature, for instance a truck load will takeapproximately 15 days to complete in order to make plastic covers for the first timebut bulk orders (for more than one truck load) can be executed with a time intervalof 4 days from the completion of first Load.
Yes, Sure we are having Own Yard and complete automation machineries are there so we can supply high quality Products and we too have Good Network in procuring raw material in and around India and we have all facilities to supply our materials regularly to our customers.
Yes, we can arrange Complete packing solution based on customer need based pallets or individual packages or boxes in containers and also providing customize labels providing as per customer’s specifications.
o Yes, we offer bulk discounts for Bulk orders based on the Number of containers & Volume of Products Requirements, you can submit for a quote if you’d like to know the Best Offer based Market Scenario You can contact Us.